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JULY 12, 2017

After another action packed trip to Japan, I'm Back in NYC! I'm happy to get back to work with my boys in my latest outfit called The Weapon, which consist of myself on guitar, Jesse Leach ( Killswitch Engage, Times of Grace ) on vocals, Andy Mass ( The Shooting Gallery and owner of Dark City Studios ) on drums, and production management extraordinaire Josh Mihlek on bass! I've revealed little to no information on this because it's the early stages, but I can assure you it's going to be exciting! I hope to have more information as the summer progresses! 


As far as Japan and the Aggressive Dogs is concerned, I've decided to step away from the actual touring side of things with them as of now.  I will still be somewhat an active member, but will no longer be traveling extensively with them.  The main reason for this is to make myself as available as possible here in NYC as I step into the next realm of my career.  

I have ONE COPY of An Untold Sadness left on CD and it may be the only one left ever as I don't plan to repress this album! Hit me up and it's all yours! If you haven't listened to all my newest heavy offerings, they're still available for free download via my BandCamp page and in the Soundcloud playlist below! Talk soon! -CD




I recently guested on a podcast called Good Vibrations with a fantastic author and truth researcher named Mark Devlin.  His book "Musical Truth" is an in depth look at the music industry and its roll now and in earlier years in social engineering and mind control.  I joined him for a wild conversation about satanism and dark occultism found in heavy metal and hard rock.  We also discuss modern technology and go in depth into the mass controlling FM radio.  Check it out HERE and get Mark's awesome book "Musical Truth" HERE










The Path. 


Synchronicity has proven a key component in this musical path.  From the beginning stages of music development, to the earliest live settings at community centers and high school gymnasiums, to the first road trips, and to the first of many empty bar rooms; synchronicity has cut the switches and branches that occult this path.  

In the early days of the millennium there was a drive that was hard to divert any focus from.  Juggling two instruments equally until dropping one completely and beginning to understand the artistic side of this so called “hobby” made the first tracks on this path.  With a Berklee acceptance letter in hand and two local bands going, the journey’s outline started to reveal itself.  

Over the next few years, the idea of college was thrown out, the drum sticks were put away, and a guitar, backed by a vision and some high hopes, took the front seat. By the year 2007, the bags were packed.  

Thy Will Be Done.



Onward…out of the mountains and into the city.  A run down warehouse with little heat, no clean drinking water or shower, and a substantial mouse/rat population doesn’t define the ideal living quarters, but natural instinct to decorate this temporary dwelling set in.  With plenty of instruments in house and little to no sleep some nights due to rehearsing bands 24 hrs a day, artistic expression started to become more of an action than a term.

Sooner than later, the road became home; the road and an old conversion van that seemed to like to blow tires and burn out axels.  The shows got bigger, the crowds got bigger, the bar rooms filled up, and the paycheck just put gas in the tank.  Naturally, of course, synchronicity continued to guide every move whether it was known at the time or not.  From the first tour, to the first MTV appearance, to the first radio airplay, to the first tour overseas, to the first endorsements, and so on and so forth.  

Skills were honed, performing became second nature, and the liver was abused.  Emotions fluctuated on a daily basis both collectively and independently.  Friends were made, friends were lost, and injuries and illnesses didn’t cease one bit.  However, one thing was for sure; that half hour on stage made it all seem acceptable.  

The United States, Europe, England, Canada, and Japan to name a few became home away from home anywhere from just a couple weeks to upwards of 2 months at a time.  Writing music began to have a formula, an overall end result, and even an intended audience at times.  This was an occurrence that seemed to deteriorate the love of the craft.  Countless shows with the likes of Metallica and Lamb of God, to tours with Devildriver, Trivium, and Fear Factory, to the endless miles and hours away from home ushered in synchronicity once again.  

Three records, and one still yet to be released; the bags were packed yet again in early 2014.  


The Rebirth, Aggressive Dogs


To all of the sudden become lost on a path can be a fearful thing.  Regaining your footing may seem impossible and panic can set in.  When that clear path on which you traversed for so long, once again, becomes rampant with obstacles and obscuring limits, it can be rather easy to give up.  This is where synchronicity fully revealed itself.  

Over the past three years the path has been revealed once again through synchronicity and positivity.  Japan has become a second home.  Writing music has once again become a mysterious process of suspense and excitement.  The artistic expression has now become the only reason for doing this work.  Tour has become a time to expand on mind, body, and spirit.  It’s become more about being inspired by surroundings, life, and teachings.  Skills are honed even further as well as new skills acquired.  The lessons from the past reflect decisions made in future.    

Focus not on a plan, but on the path, express yourself through art and imagination, be good and let synchronicity take the reigns.  





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