Human Misery Tour Rehearsals.

Quarter past 8 pm in Tokyo and AD rehearsal night one is about to begin. My 26 collective hours of travel from my now cold homeland, though lengthy, passed by smoothly and rather flawlessly you could say.  But who am I to tell you what you could say? 

The time adjusting is getting easier and easier with every trip here.  This being my third trip here since June, jet lag seems to only effect me upon getting back home. Only a few hours after getting to Uzi's house, I packed it in for the night and slept a respectable 7 hours or so which was great.  

The ride from the airport to Uzi's was business as per usual. Broken singled worded English and hand gestures signifying future plans and new happenings since my last trip. There's hopes of a major release of my solo album here in Japan which I hope to have more details on when and if they arise, not to mention the new Aggressive Dogs album mixes are sounding mighty! 

The song I wrote during the preproduction stages of the new album that I did from home made the live set for this tour which is huge.  The whole band knows the song already and vocals are ready to go, I'm minutes from playing it for the first time with them. It's title is "Isei Toumei" and I'm beyond elated to perform it. 


Grand Bleu Rehearsal Studio. Shibuya Tokyo, Japan  

Grand Bleu Rehearsal Studio. Shibuya Tokyo, Japan  

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