Justin Lowe of After The Burial

I am unbelevably saddened by the passing of After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe. I spent two months on tour with Justin and the boys in ATB while on tour with Trivium and Devildriver. I remember early in the tour I think it was in Reno, we almost always shared a dressing room with those guys, and I walked in to those guys warming up and Justin had a harmonizing effect going on his practice rig and he had loaded a loop of the clean guitar part  from Metallica's Master of puppets and played the solo part over it and it was just so spot on and smooth.  I just stopped warming up myself and watched this it sounded so beautiful.  What a player...what a talent.  He and the ATB were very kind to us and we had some killer nights on that tour with them.  I extend my deepest condolences to the ATB boys and Justin's family. RIP brother.