The Jet Lag is Real

Good afternoon from Grand Bleu rehearsal studio in Shibuya, Tokyo.  It seems like I was just here yesterday rehearsing with countless amazing local musicians in preparations for the big 30th anniversary Aggressive Dogs show at Toyosu Pit in Tokyo. What an amazing experience.  Now we set up for some final rehearsals before we start recording the new record. Christian Bass from German metal machine Heaven Shall Burn is setting up to dial everything in with us before he starts tracking drums.  It's about a 95 degrees F with about 600% humidity right now but luckily the ac is rippin and the coffee is cold and only 150¥. 

The flight was a breeze quite frankly.  Smooth sailing, plenty of rest, and about halfway through Randy Blythe's book "Dark Days", I landed at  Narita Airport around 8pm. 

Aggressive Dogs bass player Kei and I are running through the song I wrote to contribute to this album...the guy has virtually every part down before I even plug in...unreal! I had to teach him 2 riff tails...once a piece. Nailed!  

Talk soon!