Ride The Lightning

Yup...it's Tuesday. Day 3 at Studio Sunshine is afoot and after day 2, it's safe to say it's "a foot" with blisters. Chris Bass finished his drum tracks yesterday around 9 or 10 pm, and all day throughout tracking, we filmed 2 videos. Today I track the rest of my parts.  

After my recent post concerning Kill Em All turning 32 the other day, I also realized the follow up album "Ride The Lightning" turned 31 yesterday! So without further ado, the story of THAT cassette tape. 

I was between 9 and 10 years old I think, and my mom and I were in the Villiage Bookstore in Littleton, NH; my main source of tapes and CDs growing up.  My mom was getting some sort of book and, like I always did, I went to the tape and cd section and started wishing.  

The glass display that the tapes were in was locked to inhibit the local riffraff from slipping the latest releases into there newly discovered foot deep JNCO jeans pockets and slipping out the door.  So as soon as my mom had made her selection I flagged her over and began my classic you never buy me shit routine until she caved and bought me a brand new copy of Metallica "Ride The Lightning" 

This album at the time was 10 years old, but it was new to me and I could not wait to fire this into the tape deck of my mom's minivan and turn it as loud as she would tolerate.  I ripped it open as soon as we got into the car, and that smell of brand new cassette tape ( a smell I will never ever ever forget )  filled my nostrils. 

Side A, "Fight Fire With Fire", still probably my favorite from that album, starts as the tape begins to makes it journey to the opposite reel filling the van with the beautifully crafted acoustic intro of the opening track.  "See, this is nice" my mom said. 

My mom would prefer instrumental versions on MY records! She has NEVER been able to understand or tolerate any aggressive music which is fine, but to have her approval of the first few seconds made it seem that she felt better about her purchase.  

Being my first time hearing this song, but knowing what drew me to Metallica in the first place, I knew that this beautiful sound of acoustic guitar that she found not only tolerable but enjoyable wouldn't last long.  This feeling of excitement grew over me as that swell in of overdriven guitars snuck in upon the final note of this misleading intro.  I just knew that first second of heavy metal was going to send her into a frenzy and she would hit eject so hard that the tape would drop the back window of the van!


"Take it out!"

 Its ok, as soon as I got home I picked up right where we left off and let the music play!  

This story came to mind a few years ago when I was lucky enough to share the stage with Metallica while in Thy Will Be Done.  James Hetfield hand picked us to open for them which to this day, still blows my mind. It was the night before the final day of the 2012 Orion Fest which we were playing and Metallica was closing the night out by playing Ride The Lightning in its entirety.  

This moment was probably the most I've ever felt like a kid in my so called "adult years" I was laughing, and shaking my wife Chelsey in excitement and screaming every word.  They played the album in reverse so the song from that day in the minivan kicked in last.

I thought of my amazing mother for always supporting me as a musician and being understanding of my love for heavy music. She has seen where it has brought me.  Thanks mom. 

Back to work!