I know how important it is to have a great sound to portray your artistic vision. In my experience, it has always gone hand in hand with the writing and composing side of the process. I also know that getting what you need can be costly. My goal is to be able to provide affordable mixes and a great sounding product at realistic prices.

Having a demo that sounds like a FINISHED record is a must these days. The drums have to sound amazing, the quality has to be there, and it has to get your vision and point across if you’re to get anywhere with it in this saturated market. For this, I also offer drum programming and drum replacement for my mixes.

Although the guitar is my primary instrument, I’ve been a drummer for nearly 22 years and have a very vast understanding of the instrument. I use the top drum simulation programs and have a meticulous approach to programming the MIDI to make it sound as human as possible. I can replace drum sound files, or I can program from a rough recorded drum sound to match whatever the drummer is doing.

I’m willing to work with any budget, and we will figure out pricing that will work for both of us.

EMAIL Chris at CMDRAPEAU@CHRISTOPHERDRAPEAU.COM Let’s get to know each other.



Throughout the course of my musical life, the blending of sounds to make an exciting, dramatic, and cohesive piece of music has been a crucial component. Be it the early days of being a multi-instrumentalist in the late 90’s; recording drums and multiple guitars to several blank tapes with a cheap plastic microphone into a dual tape deck, or even just demoing material for every band I’ve played in. One common thread: always making it sound exciting and being inspired and driven by the process.

In recent years, this excitement has led me down a path of further knowledge of the science of sound and mix engineering. Once I began releasing solo music, both under the alternative post-rock moniker An Untold Sadness as well as all of my heavier instrumental works, the need for understanding sound came with the territory. The need to make whatever I was working on sound better than the last project paved a road of self teaching, online and in-studio courses, trial and constant error, and slow but consistent improvement.

Now in 2019, I take this long journey to the next level as I begin to build my mix engineering career and to further the discovery, understanding, and love for the process of blending sounds.

Metal, Hardcore, and Punk are my specialties, but I have a desire to tackle any genre of music for my own personal growth. Throughout the course of my mixing adventure if you will, I’ve tried to branch out from my comforts of heavy and aggressive music and to expand my skill sets. Heavy music can tend to be ALL GUNS BLAZING with little change in dynamic. I hope to expand to other genres that may have more dynamic range and space.